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Obedience is basic household manners.  Your dog doesn't jump on visitors.  Your dog comes when you call him.  Your dog walks nicely on a loose lead, without pulling you down the street.  Your dog pays attention to you.

Competition obedience is based on basic household manners.  Your dog walks nicely at your side; sits, downs, stands, and stays on your command; comes when you call him; allows a stranger to touch him.  Competition obedience can also include retrieving an object, such as a dumbbell, or identifying your scent and picking up a metal or leather item.

obedience dumbbell     OBEDIENCE CLASSES     obedience dumbbell

ABTCA offers Puppy Class (for dogs 10 - 16 weeks of age), AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy/Puppy II (for dogs 4-10 months of age), Beginners (for dogs older than 8 months), and AKC Canine Good Citizen (for dogs who have learned basic manners).

Our Puppy, Beginners, and CGC classes are 6 weeks long. The cost is $80.  There is no refund of class deposits and/or fees.

What you need to bring:  Your dog; your dog's proof of vaccination or health certificate from your veterinarian (on your initial visit to ABTCA, and when updates occur); soft training treats (such as string cheese or microwaved turkey hot dogs); a flat buckle or quick-release collar and lead (no flexi or chain leads); and your praise.

If your bitch (female dog) comes in season, do not bring her to class.  You are welcome to come, watch what's being taught that lesson, and pick up your handout, so you can practice with her at home.


An obedience run-through is like a 'mock' obedience test.  An experienced club member acts as the 'judge', and puts you and your dog through your paces, much like at a show.  In heel position, you and your dog do changes of direction, figure eights, slow and fast speeds, and stop.  You may also perform retrieve, recall, go over jumps, or other exercises.  The run-through is geared to the level of your dog, and is good practice for shows, or just to see how well you and your dog are working together.

ABTCA's Obedience Run-Throughs are normally held on the second, fourth, and any fifth Monday of each month, starting at 6:00 pm.  Please go to for the schedule.  You do not need a Facebook login to view these.

We do Novice, Open and Utility levels.  The cost is $5 for the first run-through, $3 for each additional run-through of the same dog.  Any fifth Monday is a 'do-your-own-thing' training time; formal run-throughs are not done, other than the group exercises.  The cost on the fifth Monday is $5 per dog.


Rally run-throughs are normally held on the third Monday of each month, starting at 6:00 pm.  Please go to for the schedule.  You do not need a Facebook login to view these.

The cost is $5 per dog (unlimited runs).


An American Kennel Club program based on the behaviors needed for our canine friends to be reliable and well-behaved members of their families and communities.

We offer Canine Good Citizen classes several times a year please contact the club to find out when the next class is scheduled to begin.

Watch for information on upcoming CGC classes and testing opportunities.

Please see our home page for location and contact information.


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