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Agility is a sport in which you guide your dog in, up, through, and over an obstacle course.  In competition, the fastest and most accurate team wins.  Competition is divided between small dogs and large dogs.  There are several types of agility competition besides the standard courses, including Gamblers, and Jumps With Weaves.

Dog walk

Obstacles include: tire jump; A-frame; dog walk; teeter; jumps; tunnel; weave poles; and chute.

Seesaw                        A-frame

Agility is great for any healthy dog - it helps to build your dog's confidence, and strengthens the bond between you and your dog!


ABTCA offers multiple levels of agility classes for beginners (Pre-agility) through advanced (competition).  The Pre-agility classes are a hybrid of obedience and agility.  In addition to continuing the obedience work you will need to be an effective team, you and your dog will be introduced to the equipment in a positive, controlled manner.  You will also learn various handling techniques for guiding your teammate around the course.  All classes run six weeks, with Pre-agility held on Sunday afternoon/evenings and Advanced held on Thursday evenings.

When first signing up for an agility class with us, we will attempt to place you and your dog in the appropriate class level based on your dog's previous training.  Agility is a fast paced sport that is meant to be run off leash.  Successful beginning dogs should have a solid understanding of basic obedience - Sit and Down, a reasonable Stay, and a reliable Recall (or Come).

What you need to bring:  Your dog; your dog's proof of vaccination or a health certificate from your veterinarian (on your initial visit to ABTCA, and when updates occur); soft training treats (such as string cheese or microwaved turkey hot dogs); a flat buckle or quick-release collar (no chain collars or prong collars permitted in Agility) and a 6-foot lead (no flexi-leads or chain leads).  Don't forget the praise!


Dog going through open tunnel

ABTCA's agility run-throughs are normally held every Tuesday, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Please go to for the schedule.  You do not need a Facebook login to view these.

The cost is $10 per dog (unlimited runs).  These run-throughs are not a training class, but are geared toward competition.  If you and your dog are ready to move from class to a fast-paced workout, then these are for you!

Please see our home page for location and contact information.


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