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Conformation is the competition of purebred dogs of one breed competing against each other, and being compared against a breed standard.  Males and females compete separately, and dogs younger than 18 months are divided by age as well.

Cocker Spaniel

After a dog wins its breed class, then males and females compete against each other to be best in breed.  The winner of this class competes against other winners of their breeds to go for best of group.  For instance, the American Kennel Club has seven groups:  Herding, Hound, Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terrier, Toy, and Working.  After winning the group class, the winners compete for best in show.

Wire-haired Fox Terrier

ABTCA's conformation run-throughs are for both beginner and experienced handlers and their dogs.  We offer patterns, training suggestions, and a positive hands-on experience for you and your dog.

What you need to bring:  Your dog; your dog's proof of vaccination or health certificate from your veterinarian (on your initial visit to ABTCA, and when updates occur); soft training treats (such as string cheese or microwaved turkey hot dogs) and/or a favorite soft toy; and an appropriate collar-and-lead (such as a chain collar and lead) or a show lead (such as a martingale).

You don't need to own a purebred dog to participate in our conformation run-throughs!

What you need to do:  Maintain a reasonable distance between you, your dog, and the team in front of you.  "Running up" on the team ahead of you is not only considered rude in the ring, but may cause an accident.

And, most importantly:  Praise your dog!  Encourage your dog!  And have fun!

Special notes:
If your bitch (female dog) is in season, then please leave her at home.
If your puppy is younger than 10 weeks, then please leave him/her at home.

ABTCA's conformation run-throughs are normally held every Wednesday, at 7:30 pm.  The cost is $5 per handler.  Please go to for the schedule.  You do not need a facebook login to view these.

Please see our home page for location and contact information.


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